If you’re looking for new ideas to better your law firm, we’ve got you covered with one handy list of articles to read.

Whether you’re looking to improve your law firm’s billing practices, rethink your client intake, or buy a new scanner, this list has something for every firm. Read on for inspiration and ideas to improve your law firm this summer.

1. Improve your billing and collections

According to the 2017 Legal Trends Report, 59% of lawyers regularly deal with late payments. Even worse, lawyers are only getting paid for 86% of the hours they bill to clients. Luckily, Amy Mann of LawPay has a few tips to help you collect more, faster. Get her list.

2. Conduct eDiscovery the smart way

How much time does your firm spend on eDiscovery? A streamlined process can help you review documents and find what you need efficiently—with fewer errors and items missed. Casey Sullivan of Logikcull explains how to set up a strong eDiscovery process for any firm.

3. Think through each stage of client intake

There’s more than one step to cover when it comes to client intake. From your initial connection, to your first consultation, to getting your engagement letter signed, every interaction is important for getting hired and onboarding new clients smoothly. Aaron George of Lexicata describes  how to conduct each stage of client onboarding efficiently.

4. Level-up your legal research skills

Legal research can be one of the most time-consuming tasks you face as a lawyer—but there’s no need to spend more time researching than you need to. Jeff Asjes and Brock Foley of Fastcase assemble a list of legal research tips to help you flex your fingertips and get the most out of every search.

5. Experiment with outsourcing

Want to try outsourcing legal services at your law firm, but not sure where to start? Kristin Tyler and Talitha Gray Kozlowski of LAWCLERK share everything you need to know about outsourcing—including examples of tasks to be outsourced and companies to turn to—in one convenient place.

6. Choose a better scanner

It’s a paperless world out there: To embrace the digital revolution, your firm has to have a top-notch scanner that meets its needs. Luckily, the folks at Fujitsu have put together a handy list of considerations for any firm before purchasing a scanner.

7. Cover your marketing bases

When it comes to law firm marketing, the sheer volume of information and tactics to try can be overwhelming. From SEO, to web design, to social media, it can be hard to know where to begin. Adam Callahan of ONE400 helpfully lays out the basics, so you can stop wading through marketing articles and start creating a cohesive law firm marketing plan.

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