Every click counts, especially when it comes to your workday. This month, some thoughtful new additions to Clio will help you complete your day-to-day tasks in fewer clicks—so you can run your law firm more efficiently and keep your business profitable.

First, there’s Clio Launcher, which makes it incredibly fast and easy to edit documents from Clio. We’ve also added the ability to quickly edit payments in Clio when needed, and updated our Accounts Receivable Aging Report to make it even simpler to manage collections.

Read on for these and more updates.

Clio Launcher: The easiest and fastest way to edit documents from Clio

Get excited: With Clio Launcher, you can edit files in your favorite document editor with one click from Clio! Editing any type of document on the fly, while keeping everything organized by matter, has never been simpler.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click the new launcher icon beside a document to open the document-editing software installed on your device. This works with any file format you have software for—from Word, to Excel, to PDF, and more.
  • Make your edits.
  • Close your document.
  • See your new version instantly appear in your Clio Documents folder—without you having to think, or click, twice.

It really is that easy. You’ll save hours on document editing, while keeping all document versions organized, and ensuring everyone in your firm is on the same page.

To access Clio Launcher today, simply navigate to Clio Documents and install the new launcher tool.

Learn more about Clio Launcher.

Easy payment editing

In a perfect world, all payments to your firm would be recorded 100% accurately, and you’d never need to change a thing. But the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes changes need to be made.

With the new ability to edit payments in Clio, you can quickly and easily edit payments recorded manually (e.g., direct payments or payments from trust) for single invoices. In other words, you can rest easy knowing you have the tools to make sure your payment records are accurate.

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