We think these are some of the top law firm apps available. Some of these apps were designed specifically for lawyers, while others simply work well in legal practice. We’ve included links for all these apps, so you can download them and get started right away.

Clio: For Legal Practice Management

First, you’ll need a cloud-based legal practice management solution that allows you to take your practice on the road. A solution with a powerful mobile app (like Clio’s) will allow you to access your client data securely, anywhere, anytime.

With the Clio mobile app, you can track time, view client information, create new matters and contacts, and more.

Also, Clio integrates with many of the apps on this list (we have over 90 app integration partners in total, many of which can be found in Clio’s App Directory), which means you’ll be able to run your entire practice from one place.

Clio for iOS and Android

OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive: For document storage

If you’re going mobile, you’ll need a cloud data storage service that lets you access your data from anywhere. OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive fit the bill. All feature mobile apps, and some have notable advantages:

  • OneDrive inherently integrates with the Microsoft Office suite, making this a good option for Microsoft users.
  • Google Drive offers direct integration with Google Docs, which allows you to edit all your documents directly from your browser without needing any other programs.
  • Box offers in-document searching for enterprise-level accounts.

Your data is safe in the cloud as well. Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive employ data encryption, as well as physical and electronic security protocols at their server sites. (Be sure to read the security policies for Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, and check out this post on security and OneDrive.)

Fastcase: For legal research

Fastcase is the world’s largest free mobile law library. It’s an indispensable app for attorneys practicing law on the go. Fastcase also integrates with Clio, allowing users to accurately keep track of time spent on legal research.

These free mobile apps don’t have the same capabilities as the full version of Fastcase, but they’re still extremely helpful to have on hand while you’re away from the office.

Fastcase for iOS and Android

Zipwhip: For sending professional texts

The 2017 Legal Trends Report found that 27% of consumers see a willingness to exchange text messages as a key factor when choosing a lawyer. Zipwhip lets you send and receive texts from your business number, making it easy to be both professional and responsive.

Zipwhip also integrates directly with Clio, allowing you to keep all of your text conversations organized in a single system of record.

Zipwhip for iOS and Android (beta)

RightSignature: For getting documents signed

E-signatures are incredibly useful for getting documents signed quickly, and with RightSignature’s mobile apps, you can share documents with clients and get them signed from wherever you are.

RightSignature also integrates directly with Clio, so that you can keep all of your documents and information organized in one place.

RightSignature for iOS and Android (beta)

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