Ten years ago, Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau built the very first version of Clio themselves—while both were still working full-time jobs. But when they found out that one engaged customer, Catherine Reisman, was depending on Clio to run her practice, they both quit their jobs to focus on Clio full-time.

Catherine’s faith in (and early feedback for) Clio played a big part in the company’s early success, helping Clio become the transformative legal practice management solution it is today.

In honor of Catherine, Clio launched the Reisman Awards at the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference. Today, we’re proud to open submissions for the 2018 Reisman Awards, recognizing Clio customers who demonstrated excellence in one of the following four categories:

  • Best Growth Story
  • Legal Innovation (previously Law Firm Innovation)
  • Best New Law Firm
  • Community Champion

We’re incredibly excited to hear more stories from the amazing legal professionals who use Clio. If you use Clio, submit your law firm’s story today, or nominate someone who is doing great work.

From tech innovators to community champions, there are some truly dedicated lawyers doing great work. Read stories from last year’s winners and get inspired.

Best Growth Story: ASA Law Group

Shuaib Ahmed founded ASA Law Group with the intention of making law firm operations more efficient and passing the savings on to clients. He also had another goal—to create a better work-life balance for himself and his employees. He’s seen massive success, growing revenues from $80,000 to $1.2 million within his first year of operations.

Learn more about how Shuaib runs a holistic practice with Clio.

Law Firm Innovation: Vela Wood

Kevin Vela and Radney Wood of Vela Wood P.C. strongly believe that travelling the world makes you a better citizen, and they make that a priority for employees at their law firm. It’s made their business stronger than ever.

Read more about how Vela Wood helps its staff travel the world with Clio.

Best New Law Firm: Ergo Law

For Emma Reid and Cathy Donald of Ergo Law, stepping out to start their own law firm was an exciting opportunity rather than something to be scared of. Now, they can work more flexibly with better work-life balance.

See how Emma and Cathy successfully started their own practice with Clio.

Community Champion: The Hite Law Group

Nicholas Hite of The Hite Law Group has built his practice with the goal of making legal services accessible to everyone. In a few short years, he’s become recognized as a leading expert in LGBTQ representation in Louisiana. He also aims to offer affordable legal services to those who don’t qualify for free legal aid but also can’t afford to hire a lawyer at market rates.

Learn how Nicholas manages 160 open cases at a time with Clio.

Community Champion: California Innocence Project

Since 1999, the California Innocence Project has freed 27 individuals who collectively served over 300 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. The organization strongly believes that everyone in the criminal justice system deserves a fair chance at justice.

Read about how the California Innocence Project tracks thousands of inquiries every year with Clio.

We want to celebrate the work you do: Share your firm’s story for your chance to win a Reisman award at this year’s Clio Cloud Conference.