We want to highlight on our Facebook page and Twitter profile where you live and work.

We’re looking for photos of your town or city’s landmarks, skylines, courthouses, prominent buildings, monuments, natural areas, and anything else you might think to be unique to where you live and practice. Be sure to send in a pic of your law firm or workspace too.

Photos can be submitted to tbj@texasbar.com, through Twitter by tagging the State Bar account (@statebaroftexas) and using the hashtag #TXBarCoverPic in your post, and through Instagram by including the bar’s page and also using the hashtag #TXBarCoverPic in your post.

Featured photos will be selected by members of the State Bar staff and submitters will be notified of when their photo will appear as the cover photo and for which profile it will be appearing. Some of our favorites will be featured on the State Bar’s social media accounts.

Disclaimer: By submitting any photographs via social media to #TXBarCoverPic at the State Bar of Texas, you agree to give the State Bar of Texas, Texas Bar Blog, and Texas Bar Journal the right to use, publish, and edit the photograph(s) and that they can credit you by name upon publication. You also agree that the photograph(s) and additional information you submit are original, accurate, under your ownership, and that they do not violate the rights of any third party.