Culhane Meadows was certified a Women’s Business Enterprise, or WBE, by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Women make up a majority of the management team of this national firm, which has offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

“WBE certification is a welcome acknowledgement of the commitment Culhane Meadows has made to create an environment where inclusion and diversity is at the forefront,” said Kelly Culhane, co-founder and a managing partner in the firm. “From our very beginning, we have sought to create an open and transparent platform where all lawyers can thrive regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or geography.”

Management of Culhane Meadows, with nearly 60 partners across seven major business markets, is up to a five-person team. Three of its leaders, as well as about 40 percent of the firm’s total roster of attorneys, are women.

“There are very few national law firms of any size with women in management positions much less a majority,” said Kim Verska, a managing partner. “Our clients already recognize the increasing importance diversity in their workplaces and encouraged us to pursue WBE certification to highlight Culhane Meadows’ fundamental commitment to creating a law firm partnership based on a true meritocracy where every member can flourish with real equal opportunity.”

Established in 1997, the WBENC has promoted diversity and made it a mission to encourage women’s business development. The nonprofit’s WBE certification is administered across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands and acknowledges businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women.

Culhane Meadows’ own mission statement says the law firm is committed to hiring and retaining the best no matter the gender, race, or creed. Of its managers, about 60 percent are women, according to the firm’s website.

“We were pleased to participate in the WBENC’s certification process,” said managing partner Jim Meadows. “Like the council and many of our Fortune-ranked clients, Culhane Meadows is committed to removing barriers and giving everyone a truly level playing field to achieve success regardless of background, gender, race, or family circumstances. We are proud to be a national leader in promoting women within the legal marketplace and creating a better way to practice law.”