The Texas Supreme Court issued an order Tuesday allowing out-of-state lawyers to practice in Texas temporarily if they are displaced by Hurricane Harvey or volunteering to serve hurricane victims.

The order allows an attorney licensed and in good standing in another U.S. jurisdiction to practice in Texas for six months from the date of the order if:

(a) the attorney is displaced from his or her home jurisdiction as a result of Hurricane Harvey and practices in Texas remotely as if located in his or her home jurisdiction, or (b) the attorney provides services to victims of Hurricane Harvey through a legal aid program, pro bono program, or bar association.

Under the order, the attorney must register for temporary practice in Texas as soon as possible after arriving and agree to abide by Texas disciplinary rules. Read the full order here.

Lawyers wishing to volunteer to serve Hurricane Harvey victims can do so by filling out the form at

The Supreme Court issued another order Tuesday regarding the statutes of limitations in civil cases related to delays caused by Hurricane Harvey. The order expires September 28 unless extended by the court. Read it here.

The court previously issued an emergency order authorizing modification and suspension of court procedures in proceedings affected by the hurricane.