The Texas Access to Justice Commission kicked off the 2017 Justice for All Campaign this week, which aims to raise funds for legal aid efforts.

Each day, dedicated legal aid defenders, pro bono attorneys, and access to justice supporters rise to the occasion in pursuit of justice for all. United with one goal, they assist low-income Texans who desperately need civil justice.

The need is great: 5.3 million Texans qualify for legal aid, but programs are only able to meet 10 percent of the need because of limited resources.

“Without help, neighbors often lose their homes, the medical care they need, the wages they worked hard to earn, and, occasionally, their lives,” Texas Access to Justice Commission Executive Director Trish McAllister said.

The statewide Justice for All Campaign funds civil legal aid organizations that work to preserve the rule of law and fairness of our justice system. Every year, attorneys are asked to make a $150 Access to Justice Contribution on their dues statement. “Now more than ever, your support and contributions have the power to make a life-changing impact,” McAllister said.

Over the next few days, the commission will share success stories of low-income Texans whose lives have been changed because of ATJ supporters and advocates. Follow the commission’s Facebook page to learn more about access to justice and join the growing ATJ community. For more information or to donate, go to