Patrick McGinnis

Patrick McGinnis

The State Bar of Texas recently passed 100,000 active members.

The lucky soul who pushed the Bar past that mark is Patrick McGinnis, an associate attorney at Eggleston & Briscoe, LLP in Houston. Mr. McGinnis was kind enough to take a few moments over the busy Thanksgiving holiday to answer a few questions for this blog. Here is a small Q&A with him:

How old are you? 

 I turned 25 on the same day as law school graduation, in May of 2016.

Which school(s) did you attend? 

 I earned a B.A. from Texas State University in 2013 with majors in philosophy and Spanish. I then graduated from South Texas College of Law Houston in 2016.

Is being an attorney your first career? If not, what did you do before deciding to become an attorney?

  Yes, it is my first career. Although, I think I will give it a few more years before I give up on trying out for the NFL.

Why did you want to become a lawyer? 

 It was an interesting decision, as I am the first attorney in my family. My father hinted at the idea throughout my adolescence. I remember him saying: “In the world of commerce, everyone needs counsel.” With that reasoning, I decided that becoming an attorney could open the door for almost anything that I could choose to pursue in life.

In your quest to become a lawyer, what inspired or motivated you the most?

 Being able to justifiably tell my daughter, Charlie, that she too can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

What type of law will you practice?

 Commercial Litigation.

Were you hired at Eggleston & Briscoe out of law school?

 Yes, and I feel fortunate to begin my career at such an exceptional firm.

How does it feel to be the 100,000th newly active Texas lawyer?

 Aside from this being an entirely meritless award, and the product of pure luck, I feel like I’ve earned it. It is an honor to represent a milestone for both the Texas Bar and this wonderful profession. Plus, it’s icing on the cake for getting through that nice little test the Board of Law Examiners administered in July.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

 I would like to specially thank the South Texas College of Law Advocacy Program for exposing potential that I once thought unimaginable. Hard work wins championships.