A mom who writes and performs spoken-word pieces to audiences around Austin. A Houston man who photographs polar bears and lions from just a dozen feet away. A Dallas cancer survivor who sailed around the world. A Woodlands grandfather who swims with great white sharks.

All of these people have been profiled as lawyers with fascinating hobbies in the Texas Bar Journal. But we know there are even more attorneys out there who relax after a long day or stressful week by creating art, banging on drums, hiking in nature, or looking for thrills.

It’s all part of finding that seemingly elusive but important work-life balance. By sharing these stories through our In Recess column, the Texas Bar Journal hopes to show that attorneys are dynamic individuals and to inspire other lawyers to unwind and express themselves. So, we’re wondering:

  • Are you a Texas attorney who has an unusual hobby?
  • Or is your hobby rather common (like golfing or running) but you spend impressive amounts of time doing it or you have been recognized with certain awards or honors?
  • Do you know any lawyers who spend their free time doing something interesting?

Give us a heads’ up by responding in the comments field below, emailing us at tbj@texasbar.com, or filling out a form at texasbar.com/inrecess. If you’re a good fit, one of our editors might reach out to you for an interview.