Jan 2016 Must-Reads_lowres2

To help you start the New Year on the right track (by staying up on your Texas Bar Journal reading, of course), we’ve selected our must-reads for the January issue. In addition to the reader favorites—Disciplinary Actions, Memorials, and Movers and Shakers—be sure to check out our 2015 Year in Review for caselaw updates in any areas that interest you.

Worth the Paper They’re Written On?
Examining preinjury release of a minor child’s claims.
By Ryan G. Cole

Technology: Meaning of a Message
Emojis and emoji hashtags become new visual evidence.
By Lauren Foster

Humor: The Judge’s Daughter Presents: Son of Et Cetera
By Pamela Buchmeyer

Client Page: Criminal Justice Quiz
How much do you know about your rights?
By Fred Dahr