TBJ Must Reads - Dec 2015

If you’re already in need of a break from the holiday shopping, cooking, and decorating—we have just the thing for you: the Texas Bar Journal’s top four must-read stories from its December issue (in addition to the popular Memorials, Disciplinary Actions, and Movers & Shakers). Just sit back, relax, and click on the links below.

  • Juvenile Justice
    A look at how one case changed the certification process.
    By Jack Carnegie
  • Solo/Small Firm: Pay Day
    Tips for improving collection of legal fees.
    By Daniel Roberts
  • Truancy Transformed
    How House Bill 2398 decriminalized failure to attend school.
    By Sarah Orman and Cristina Blanton
  • Growing Family
    A historic induction ceremony welcomes new attorneys and a new oath.
    By Lindsay Stafford Mader