The legal research service Casemaker just added 6 million pleadings to its list of available features. All State Bar of Texas members—who have free access to Casemaker as a part of their membership benefits—can obtain up to five pleadings a month at no cost.

To find a pleading through Casemaker, following these instructions:

  1. log in to your My Bar page on the State Bar’s website;
  2. click on the “Online Legal Research” tab and select “Texas Library” under the Casemaker section;
  3. search for the pleading as you would search for any other item on the Casemaker database. Alternatively, you can directly search the pleadings.

If more than five pleadings are needed, they can be purchased for about $2 per pleading.

Casemaker’s new pleadings offerings come from a deal it stitched with the legal tech company Mozato (formerly named File & ServeXpress), which is based in Irving. In the near future, the partnership will also give users—including State Bar members—free access to five expert-witness profiles from Mozato’s expansive CaseEdge database that lists professionals who have testified at trial.