Must-Reads Oct 2015

We get that Texas attorneys are busy, and some might find little time to read every issue of the Bar Journal from front-to-back. So our editorial staff has made it easier.

While the October issue is full of interesting reads, if you’re pressed for time this month and are looking to branch out beyond the widely read Memorials and Disciplinary Actions, we suggest the following top-picks (as featured above, from top left and clockwise):

  • Winning Isn’t Everything
    Litigation ethics at trial and deposition.
    By Adam T. Schramek and Nathan C.N. Damweber
  • DIY Depositions
    You might save a few dollars, but is it wise practice?
    By Gary A. Thornton
  • The Panel
    The State Bar of Texas Professionalism Committee asked respected jurists about their experiences and thoughts on professionalism–the good and the bad. Here are their responses.
  • Sections: Animal Law
    An update from the 84th legislative session.
    By Shelby Bobosky