The State Bar of Texas is reminding members they can sign up for e-billing for a fast, easy, and green way to receive annual membership statements.

Attorneys who sign up for e-billing will receive an email on or shortly after May 1 with an attached statement reflecting their amount due for 2015-2016 State Bar dues and State of Texas occupation tax and legal services fee. The email will provide a direct link to the State Bar’s secure online payment process.

“Going paperless not only helps the environment, it also speeds up the processing of attorneys’ annual payments,” said Karen Conlon of the State Bar Membership Department in a recent email to members.

Attorneys who pay online have immediate verification that their payment was processed and applied to their account.

Members can sign up for e-billing through April 13 by clicking here.

Members with questions about e-billing can contact Karen Conlon at (800) 204-2222, ext. 1421, or by email at