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Best thing about being a lawyer: The opportunity to help people and run my own business

Favorite saying/quote: You can’t know what’s good in life if nothing bad ever happens.

Who is your favorite on-screen or literary attorney, and why? My Cousin Vinny. It’s obvious.

Born/Age: Guanajuato, Mexico/44

Family: Married – Jennifer; one girl – Isabella, one boy – Noah

Areas of practice: Criminal, Immigration, PI, Family

Education: BA English – TCU, ’91; JD – TWU, ‘00

Bet you didn’t know: I played 175 holes of golf in 12 hours in a fundraiser for The First Tee of Fort Worth.

Another little known fact: I’ve lived in the same zip code since I was 7.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes – Anything that will make me laugh, wine, and a good steak.
Dislikes – Mushrooms, I mean, it’s a fungus!

Bad habit: Talk too much (shocking)

Doesn’t like to: get up early, unless it’s for golf, fishing, or my kids.

Is not good at: reading instructions.

Culinary talent: Steaks and fish on the Big Green Egg

What kind of car do you drive? 2000 Lexus 470

Community Involvement: The First Tee of Fort Worth Board, formerly on the Fort Worth Housing Authority board, Fort Worth Zoning Commission, Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Worth

Mentors/heroes: My father and mother

Most important career lesson: Make your reputation count, and your word is your bond.

Latest pursuit: single digit handicap while raising two young kids

Current Project: restoring an old home

Pet peeve: using incorrect words – “irregardless, preventative, alot”

When they do the film about you, what actor should portray you? Richard E. Grant

Secret for staying young: Laugh every day, and have hobbies.

Favorite plays: Death of a Salesman

Favorite TV program: Brooklyn 99

Favorite artist: My mom, Mary Clay Hernandez

Favorite composers: Beethoven

Favorite album: Sgt. Pepper’s

Favorite music: rock – from the 50’s to the present.

Favorite place to find albums: Unfortunately, iTunes or Spotify

Favorite movie: This Is Spinal Tap or The Holy Grail

The last movie I saw was: Chocolat…it’s delightful.

Favorite magazine: Golfweek

Favorite sport: Running, Golf, Soccer

Favorite food: Albondigas (made by mom)

Favorite restaurant: Shinjuku Station

Where to be found on a Saturday night: at home or with the Thurmans!

Talents (besides law): Fluent in Spanish

Hobbies: Drummer, running, golf, wine

Collects: song lines and movie quotes

Memorable vacation: Wyoming/Tetons/Yellowstone

My favorite weekend retreats are: Any golf course

If I had more time, I would: play a lot more golf and start playing soccer again

Biggest misconception about me: That I’m too serious

What most people don’t know about me: I’m an open book

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing attorneys today? No prior work experience.

If you weren’t an attorney, what profession do you think you would be in? Higher education administrator

What’s the turning point that made you decide to become an attorney? My brother asked me to clerk for him while I was in law school. I haven’t left.

When you are not practicing law, what do you like to do? See prior answers!

Who are the people you admire most, and why? My brothers and father. Great role models at parenting, working hard, and integrity.

What has changed the most technologically or practice wise since you have been licensed? From having paper files to now having everything on my iPhone.

How do you think the practice will change in the next 15 years? Potentially less and less personable as we go more and more electronic.


Daniel works at The Law Office of Daniel Hernandez.

You can also view Daniel’s profile.

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