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Sixth Annual Atticus Finch Day scheduled for May 2 in Bryan

What is so special about Atticus Finch? He’s a fictional man who existed as little more than a figment of author Harper Lee’s imagination (unless you count actor Gregory Peck, who played Finch in the 1962 film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird). Yet, Finch has a strong hold on numerous attorneys around Texas and … Continue Reading

Stories of Recovery: How I made it

Even as a kid I identified with that cartoon character who walked around with a little black cloud over his head. I was depressed and life was depressing. So much so that I clearly needed help--and was lucky enough to be sent for counseling early in my life.… Continue Reading

Commentary: Battling substance abuse for everyone

By Kristy Blanchard Editor’s note: This column originally appeared in The McAllen Monitor. Read the original version here.  As a family law attorney, my work too often involves cases in which people’s lives are disrupted and even destroyed by substance abuse. As the president of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, an arm of the State Bar … Continue Reading

President Obama remembers LBJ’s gifts and flaws, says office of presidency is meant for improving American lives

President Barack Obama, delivering the keynote address of the Civil Rights Summit in Austin on Thursday, steered away from current civil rights concerns and legislative solutions and instead explored the man that was Lyndon Baines Johnson. While the president fell silent on gay marriage, equal pay for women, and immigration reform, he delved into LBJ’s … Continue Reading

Making America better: a look back at the movement that resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Speakers for the Civil Rights Summit panel titled “Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement: Views From the Front Line” stressed the importance of looking to the future. But their recounted experiences of the 1950s and 1960s served as an instrumental reminder to inform the present. Julian Bond, former chairman of the National Association for the … Continue Reading

LBJ, MLK, and the push for civil rights

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared a deep, personal, and practical relationship that helped in passing 1960s civil rights legislation, panelists said Wednesday as part of the LBJ Presidential Library Civil Rights Summit.… Continue Reading