Monthly Archives: September 2013

Goal30 aims to increase professionalism in Tarrant County

During the month of October, lawyers who practice family law in Tarrant County are encouraged to participate in Goal30, an initiative designed to increase professionalism, by re-reading the Texas Lawyer’s Creed and imparting its message into their everyday behavior. The creed, which was written in 1989, was reaffirmed by the Texas Supreme Court and the … Continue Reading

Celebrate Freedom Week with I Was the First!

This year, Celebrate Freedom Week is September 16-20. During this week, every social studies class in the State of Texas is required, under Texas Education Code, §29.907, to provide instruction regarding the intent, meaning, and importance of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) in their historical contexts.… Continue Reading

The TBJ September issue

Inside: A look at the 83rd Session and the important legislation you need to know, from changes in business law to new procedures such as e-filing. Plus: Tips on managing your brand via social media, pop culture references that have made their way into legal decisions, unsolved cases that need a fresh perspective, and dangerous … Continue Reading