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Social Media and the Law — Blogging and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have quickly become a part of our daily lives. This month, the Texas Bar Journal examines the role social media is playing in a changing legal landscape. Among the highlights:

Service of Process Via Social Media by John G. Browning

How Social Media Is Changing the Law by Kendall Kelly Hayden

Ethically Navigating the Social Media Landscape by Debra Bruce

Internet Defamation by Alyssa J. Long

Dangers of the Online Juror by John G. Browning 

Profiles — Texas lawyers take their passions seriously, as you’ll see from stories about a Houston lawyer, who, along with his wife, is restoring the Historic Rocksprings Hotel, and an Austin lawyer who has turned her love of adventurous dining into a blog, Foodie is the New Forty.