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Favorite saying/quote: “He who has it not in his head must have it in his feet.”

Bet you didn’t know: I have a rock band whose music is being featured in an upcoming horror film.

Talents (besides law): Talk radio. For four years, I hosted my own legal call-in talk show on a local CBS radio affiliate.

Age: 44

Areas of practice: Criminal defense, expungements, orders of nondisclosure.

Education: University of North Texas, B.A. University of Houston, J.D.

Is not good at: Anything (and I mean ANYTHING!) having to do with math.

Another little known fact: I once won a belly dancing contest.

Mentors/heroes: My Uncle Lon, who happens to be the smartest AND the nicest guy in the world.

Secret for staying young: Don’t drink, don’t smoke, work out regularly (weights and cardio)… and drink LOTS of water!

Favorite album: Little Morphine Annie (self-titled). I like it so much, in large part, because I played guitar on the album and wrote the words and music. 


Everett Newton works at Berlof & Newton, P.C.

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