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Best thing about being a lawyer: Being involved in the community and making a difference in my client’s lives.

Favorite saying/quote: The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.

Bet you didn’t know: I was a finalist in the Nintendo World Championships when I was much younger. 

Born/Age:  September 15, 1976 in Austin, Texas. Age is 33. 

Family/personal: I live in Maypearl, Texas with my wonderful wife Stephanie and two children, Madison (age 5) and Teagan (3 months).
Areas of practice: Personal Injury. 

Education: University of Texas at Austin, B.A. and St. Mary’s School of Law, J.D.  

Another little known fact: I have an English Bulldog named Lovie.  

Likes/Dislikes: I like rational thinking based on facts. I dislike the blatant misrepresentation of anything.  

Bad habit: Leaving too many water bottles in my car.  

Is not good at: Cooking.  

Culinary talent: Eggs, barely.  

What kind of car do you drive? Chevrolet Tahoe.  

Mentors/heroes: My parents, friends and teachers throughout my life. Also, during my senior year at UT, I was the personal assistant to Sarah Weddington, the attorney who won Roe v. Wade. She gave valuable advice on life and the legal profession.  

Most important career lesson: Choose your jobs carefully.  

Latest pursuit: I am the VP of the Ellis County Bar Association and we are finally setting up an online presence for members and the citizens of Ellis County.  

Pet peeve: Defense lawyers that sit at the table closest to the jury box.  

When they do the film about you, what actor/actress should portray you? David Boreanaz.

Secret for staying young: Get exercise and eat healthy. Enjoy life.  

Favorite plays: I saw Lion King and Rent in New York, which were both excellent. Exploring Polyester was a local play in Dallas that was great as well.  

Favorite TV programs: Mythbusters, Lost, The Tudors and Meet the Press. I still watch reruns of Seinfeld, Friends and Stargate SG-1.  

Favorite artists: GNR, George Strait, Beatles, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks.  

Favorite composers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  

Favorite albums: Eagles Greatest Hits, Appetite for Destruction, Forrest Gump Soundtrack, George Strait Greatest Hits Collection.  

Favorite music: Rock and country.  

Favorite place to find albums: I download my music from Amazon MP3 Store and iTunes.  

Favorite movies: I love movies so this one is tough. Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Fight Club, Matrix, Forrest Gump and Terminator 2.  

The last movie I saw was: “Inglourious Basterds” with Brad Pitt.

Favorite magazines: Wired, Popular Science, Golf, Time and Sports Illustrated.  

Favorite sports: UT Football, Cowboys Football and Golf.  

Favorite food: Mexican Food

Favorite restaurant: Nos Ancêtres les Gaulois, Paris, France.

Where to be found on a Saturday night: With family and friends.  

Talents (besides law): Computers.  

Hobbies: Golf, Computers.  

Collects: Latest electronics.  

Current reading material: Currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  

Memorable vacation: Trip to Europe with my wife.  

My favorite weekend retreats are: My home and we occasionally like to travel to random places around Texas on the weekends.  

If I had more time, I would: Spend all the time with my family and travel the world.  

The part of my job I do best is: Holding wrongdoers accountable.  

The best piece of advice ever given to you and by whom: Stand up for what you believe in, be proud of yourself and learn from your mistakes – Parents.  

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be? U.S. President or NFL quarterback.  

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing attorneys today? I think the two main challenges for attorneys is (1) overcoming the negative propaganda associated with being an attorney; and (2) adjusting to the technological changes that will impact the practice of law in Texas.  

Who are your favorite on-screen or literary attorneys?

1. Atticus Finch / Gregory Peck, To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Perry Mason / Raymond Burr, Perry Mason
3. Vincent Gambini / Joe Pesci, My Cousin Vinny
4. Jake Tyler Brigance / Matthew McConaughey / A Time to Kill
5. Denny Crane / William Shatner / Boston Legal  

If you weren’t an attorney, what profession do you think you would be in? Physician or computer programmer.  

What’s the turning point that made you decide to become an attorney? I do not think there was ever a turning point because it is something I have always wanted to do.

When you are not practicing law, what do you like to do? I like to spend time with family, friends and travel the world.  

Who are the people you admire most, and why? I admire my parents.  

What has changed the most technologically or practice wise since you have been licensed? Email through cell phones is probably the biggest change. Only a handful of people had it when I began practicing and now it is very common. Also, many lawyers use electronic filing and rely more on internet for advertising.  

How do you think the practice will change in the next 15 years? I think the legal world will change over the next 15 years mostly aided by technology. I believe that technology, to the extent it is not already happening, will render most traditional legal advice redundant.  There are internet sites right now where lawyers give real time advice online which is very convenient and appealing to many people.  

Also, I think the following will be common place in the next 15 years, most of which is already happening: (1) automated document assembly and retention; (2) full time connectivity to networks; (3) on-line legal guidance and advice; (4) open-source legal resources; (5) on-line networking and sharing of experience; (6) workflow automation and project management; (7) constant connection to relevant laws, codes, regulations, etc.; and (8) on-line communications minimizing need for in-person meetings.  

Any words of wisdom or advice for the new president of the State Bar of Texas? Best wishes.

Stephen Daniel works at Jenkins & Jenkins, P.C.

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