Arturo Errisuriz, Assistant Dean for Career Services at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, shares tips for students transitioning in to the practice of law.

1.    Find a mentor, either within your firm or in the legal community;

 your mentor should be someone with professional experience who is     

 willing to share it.

2.    Join your local bar association and sister bars or affinity bar groups.

3.    Attend professional development CLEs and courses in the practice areas that interest you.

4.    Schedule informational lunches with attorneys to gain insight into    

     the profession and your practice area.

5.     Be considerate of your mentor’s time.

6.     Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

7.     Network and create visibility for yourself.

8.     Go to the courthouse and sit-in on hearings and trials.

9.     Always project a professional demeanor in and out of the legal   


10. Establish a reputation for being competent and ethical.

11.Be patient