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Best thing about being a lawyer: Being able to use intelligence, creativity, and compassion to help people solve problems.

Latest pursuit: Attempting to train the puppy my family got from a shelter last fall. He likes to chew everything from garden hoses to pencils and constantly manages to find new ways to escape from our backyard. 

Bet you didn’t know:  In sixth grade, I taught myself to write backwards in cursive, which served to entertain my friends and teachers. Sad to say, this skill has little practical application as a lawyer. 

Education: B.A. and J.D., both from University of Texas

Areas of practice: I focus mainly on contested probate, trust, and guardianship matters. However, like many lawyers in small towns, I also do estate planning, real estate, and small business transactions.

Culinary talent:   Though not a very inventive cook, I do a lot of baking and have become known among friends for specialties such as chocolate cheesecake, shortbread brownies, and cinnamon rolls. I also make a mean chocolate chip cookie, with oatmeal, coconut, and pecans. My tips for good baking are: use jumbo-sized eggs and lots of vanilla.

What kind of car do you drive? I usually drive a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but it is currently being repaired after a recent collision with a truck that was stopped in the road just after I came over a hill. The rolling hills around Brenham are quite beautiful, especially during bluebonnet season, but they can also make for perilous driving!

Favorite TV program: It’s a toss-up: “The Closer” or “House.”

Favorite album:   It would be impossible to name only one, so I’ll settle for the following five: “Closing Time,” Tom Waits; “Jubilant,” Jubilant Sykes; “Hymns of the 49th Parallel,” k.d. lang; “A Room With a View” soundtrack; and “Nickel Creek,” Nickel Creek.

Favorite magazine: Vanity Fair.

The last movie I saw was: “The Bourne Ultimatum,” on DVD.

Memorable vacation: A couple of years ago, I flew with my kids to Philadelphia and went to Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute; took a train to Hershey, PA, where we visited the water park and chocolate factory; then rode the train to New York City, where we saw all the tourist sites and went to a Broadway musical. We rode in a plane, train, taxi cab, subway, ferry, bus, bike taxi, and horse carriage all in a week’s time – none of which we have at home!

My favorite weekend retreats are: my garden, Salado, and my mother’s house. For a long weekend, it would be Santa Fe, NM.

Secret for staying young:  Trying to keep up with my children and all of their activities helps me to stay young. I had my first child at age 37, and my son was born a week after I turned 40. So while many of my friends from high school are already grandparents, I am still reading bedtime stories, listening to knock-knock jokes, and going to little league games and on bicycle rides.  Having a pre-teen daughter helps me to keep current on younger trends in music (Hannah Montana is out, Taylor Swift is in), fashion (leggings are soooo last year) and slang (a 12-year-old who is “going out” with someone doesn’t really go anywhere; it means what “going steady” meant when I was 12). Also, most of the parents of my kids’ friends are several years younger than I am, which means that I end up hanging out a lot with a younger crowd. All of this makes me feel older, but probably helps me seem younger than I am.

Laura Upchurch works at Moorman Tate Moorman Urquhart Haley L.L.P.

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