A new take on the case digest

Casemaker, which provides free caselaw for Texas lawyers, has launched a unique case digest service for Texas legal pros. 

The site kicks the traditional digest up a notch by allowing keyword searches and sorting case summaries by practice area, court, and even judge. Take a look now for free, and starting on September 1st sign up for a free 30-day trial of the service, which will cost $39.95 per year.

For a tour of the new case digest service, sign up for a free webinar, offered every Monday.

Remember that Casemaker 2.1 is free to all Texas lawyers and includes the full text of cases from all 50 states and an expanded federal library. Casemaker offers free live and recorded webinars on its research tools.

Email yourself a case with Casemaker 2.1

File this one under "the small things that count." Casemaker 2.1, our free legal research tool, has quietly added some new printing options you'll find useful.

Looking at the full text of a case, you'll see a print dialogue in the upper right (see below) which now allows you to print the case, save it as a PDF or Word doc, or email it to yourself. You can also create a PDF of or email Casemaker search results.


Using the email feature, for example, you might have a Gmail account dedicated to legal research where you email cases for access anywhere.

Texas attorneys can access Casemaker 2.1 anytime from My Bar Page on TexasBar.com or on TexasBarCLE.com. Casemaker now includes free case law from all 50 states and an expanded federal library.


Free online legal research now spans 50 states

We've quietly launched a major update to our free online legal research tool.

Texas lawyers now have access to free caselaw from all 50 states, an improved search interface, and expanded federal libraries. The new service is dubbed Casemaker 2.1 and is available on My Bar Page (TexasBar.com) and on TexasBarCLE.com

You'll find lots of cool new features, including options to email a case or save it as a PDF or Word document with "live link citations" to other cited cases.

Please let us know what you think about Casemaker 2.1. Leave a comment below, or email webmaster@texasbar.com.