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Random Profile - Christina Peterson, Georgetown

For Random Profiles, we randomly pick one of our 93,000-plus attorneys and do a Q&A. We've found that every Texas lawyer has an interesting story. Will yours be next? 

Best thing about being a lawyer: My favorite part is being able to offer support to someone who’s feeling vulnerable or worried. I like hearing a client say “I’ll sleep better tonight now that I’ve talked with you.”

Most important career lesson: Early in my career, I practiced criminal law which gave me a lot of trial experience. In one trial, the facts were on our side and we were confident of an acquittal on the charge of DWI. An issue came up regarding an objection which would have little, if any, impact on the outcome of the case. The prosecutor and I were arguing our positions at the bench and I got caught up proving my point. My husband acting as co-counsel, approached and slipped me a note. Thinking it must be some intriguing point of law that would seal a ruling in my favor, I opened it with a flourish, ready for my “Perry Mason” moment. Instead it said “You’ve won, don’t blow it. You’ve made your point, now shut up and sit down.” It was then I realized the importance of staying focused on acting in the client’s best interest, even if it means leaving the ego unsatisfied. 

Family: I’m married to my law partner, Layne Peterson. We’re blessed with two sons, ages 15 and 12.

Areas of practice: Estate Planning, Elder Law, Guardianships, Probate/

Education: BA from University of Kansas. Graduate study in Oriental and African Languages at University of Texas. J.D. from The University of Texas.

Culinary talent: My husband votes for my mean Etouffee. My sons believe it’s my talent for incorporating chocolate into almost any recipe.

Favorite TV program: I don’t watch TV, except for Longhorn football or basketball.

The last movie I saw: My sons chose it. I don’t remember much except that it had a lot of explosions, car chases and very little plot.

Favorite food: The Monument Café’s Chocolate Pie with pecan crust.

Favorite restaurant: The Monument Café in Georgetown.

Hobbies: We live in the country, where I enjoy puttering in my garden and raising chickens, neither of which is very productive. If you count time and effort, I probably have the most expensive eggs on the planet.

If I had more time, I would: Be more patient with my sons and act like I cared about their video game scores.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be? I couldn’t, my family would cause too much mischief while I was away.

Christina practices at Peterson & Peterson in Georgetown.

You can also view Christina's profile.

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